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  • No New Car Inventory

    This keeps our overhead extremely low, and allows us to locate the vehicle you need versus sell you the vehicle that is stuck in our inventory.

    All Makes. All Models. 

    Our customers have access to every make and model produced today (including brands not sold locally: Acura, Audi, Infiniti, Lexus, Jaguar, Mini, Porsche, Range Rover, Saab...)

    Non-Biased Advice

    As we are not tied to any particular manufacturer, we can provide non-biased advice that is impossible to find at the dealership. A dealer must tell you that his brand and his inventory are the best or risk losing your business. As we represent all brands, we do not have this dilemma. We recommend what is right for you.


    Our customers have access to vehicles located outside their local dealer's restricted trade area. (Most manufacturers have divided the state into separate trade regions, and we source in all of them.)

    Customer Service

    We want a customer for life. The majority of our business is referral based—your complete satisfaction is critical to us. We will even deliver your vehicle to your home or business if it is more convenient for you.

  • All factory rebates apply.

  • Full factory warranty. All new vehicles purchased using our buying service come with the same full factory warranty allowing for local service and repair at any franchised dealer. Dealers do not warranty vehicles—manufacturers do. The dealer is not doing you a favor when performing a warranty repair—he is fully compensated by the factory. It does not matter if you buy your car locally or in Los Angeles — your warranty is good at any dealer in North America.

  • All new vehicles are delivered to your home or business prior to your purchase. If the vehicle is not exactly as promised, you are under no obligation to take delivery or pay anything. All payments are made directly to the franchised dealer. We earn nothing unless we provide better pricing and better service. Risk-Free. Guaranteed.

  • For Maximum Convenience

    We have a network of wholesalers who are interested in purchasing your vehicle—usually for more than the dealerships. Using a similar process to how we locate vehicles, we cross-shop these wholesalers to assure that you are getting maximum value.

    For Maximum Value:

    Sell your vehicle privately. If you like, we will make sure you are properly armed to make this process as easy as possible by providing:

    • Free Private Party Consultation: We will provide you Kelley Wholesale Blue Book information (this $385/yr subscription based data the dealers use is much more accurate than the free Internet version) as well as providing you access to current "dealer only" auction results to determine "real world" pricing.
    • Advertising Recommendations: We will recommend the advertising channels best suited for your particular vehicle as well as the proper wording to best attract consumers.
    • Pre-Sale Detailing: We will put you in touch with the same companies used by franchise automobile dealers to present their own cars in the best light: automobile detailers, paint-less dent repair, and upholstery repair. The services of these moderately priced professionals increase the assumed value of the your car far more than the cost of their service.
  • We extend our extremely competitive pricing program over the entire purchase including these traditionally huge profit centers.

  • Discount Clubs & Automobile Club buying services

    These are great places to shop, and buy automobile insurance from—but not the best way to buy a car. Here's why:

    • These organizations make money by charging dealerships a subscription fee to be a "recommended" dealer. To be "recommended" the dealers must provide club members a set discount from the Manufacturers Suggested Retail price.

    • These are referral services — you still must drive to the dealership and deal in person.

    • The extremely competitive pricing usually excludes the most popular models.

    • Pre-negotiated "discount" pricing only applies to the vehicle itself, there are no restrictions put on the dealers relating to how much they can make in the most profitable areas of their business: financing, extended warranties, dealer add-ons, trade-ins…

    Internet Auto Buying Websites

    The Internet is a great place to gather automobile shopping information with its vast data available regarding driving tests, crash test results, residual values... but it is not the best place to buy a car.

    • 99% of the websites are referral engines.

    • After you enter your contact information the auto buying website resells your data to every dealer willing to pay for it, causing your phone to ring and your e-mailbox to fill up.

    • The other 1% publish their pre-negotiated prices, but they are far from the least expensive or reliable as they must guess what the market is like, and always leave themselves loopholes such as "subject to availability."
  • You pay us nothing. We are paid by the selling dealership after the car is delivered. Everything is included in our initial offer without any up-selling. The selling dealership benefits by having local delivery without any overhead, and you get great prices, selection, and top-notch customer service.

  • Yes & Yes: Our customers have access to all factory subsidized finance and lease programs (including 0% rates— subject to availability & on approved credit). Dealers do not finance cars— manufacturers and banks do— the dealer only collects your credit application. Unlike most dealers, we screen all our sources of financing to ensure you get the best deal possible.

  • Some dealers within the same region refuse to trade with each other due to poor past relationships, or your dealer may not have a vehicle that the other dealer wants to trade for. We don't trade—we purchase.

    Some vehicles are outside your dealer's trade area. Manufacturers split the country into different regions. If a vehicle is located in Southern California, your local dealer may not be able to trade for the car. (We source throughout the entire state.)

    Note: In some cases it is possible to transport a vehicle from Southern California to Northern California and still be less expensive than the local dealer as the different invoice cost due to "built in" advertising expenses may be less than the transport cost.